"Amandalynn's technique is kind of fly-on-the-wall where she doesn't necessarily stage photos but instead catches you and your family in gloriously real moments. When we asked her to do our family photos again this fall with a two-year old we weren't surprised with how well she was able to reign him in for photos. He's a mover and a jokester and she nabbed some touching and striking photos while he was running all over the place. She's not just great with babies and toddlers, she also managed to get some of the nuances of our tween daughter - and that is not an easy feat. We love to send our holiday cards out every year with Amandalynn's pictures of our family! I highly recommend her!"

- Chris & Sara


"I can't even tell you how happy we were with Amandalynn and her 2nd photographer. They were so great throughout the entire experience. Great at getting back to me very quickly, answered questions very thoroughly so that I understood everything that was going on, the free engagement session (with the kids) went so well and the way she was on the wedding day was AMAZING. I was a bit stressed and Amandalynn made sure everything was running smoothly and that I got the time I needed to take some deep breaths :)

And have I mentioned the photos? OMG. The quality, the poses, the backdrops...she definitely has a good eye. We are MORE than thrilled with everything."


"We did exactly as you suggested, and took some serious time (refreshments in hand) looking through every single one last night. Consensus? We can't wait to do it again!!!!

We are still kind of in shock by how truly wonderfully you captured our day (not that I should be, because I felt similar emotions about your work way back in October last year when I was researching photographers), but it is just amazing to see that these are all of the people that we love on what was surely one of the best days of our lives. Just looking at them fills us with such warmth and joy, and though we'll never be able to totally recreate that day, looking through these stunning photographs absolutely makes us feel like we were right there again."

-Claire & Adam

"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! We are in love with every single one of these photos and have been enamored with looking through them and reliving our wedding day. You and your crew did such a beautiful job and really captured a ton of the special moments that happened that day (for both us and our guests!)"

Brittany & John (2016 Clients)