Home Office Problems | Madison WI Children's Photographer

Having a home office and a toddler is a challenge most days. I usually save my editing for late at night when both kids are in bed and I can focus at the task in hand, my daytime hours usually bounce between trying to answer emails, catch up on bookkeeping, and prep for my next shoot, all while making sure my daughter isn't tearing apart one room or another(spoiler alert: she always is).

Some days I feel like a crazy person for trying to pull this off, she doesn't let me get anything done and by the evening I'm too wiped to pull up my desk chair and start working again. Last week, as I collected ALL of my pens from the basement, I had a particularly lovely fantasy about working in a real office where no one throws your pens down the laundry chute while yelling "WHEEEEEEEE". 

Then again there are days like today when she made a coloring nook in the dormer window (a space in our tiny cape cod that we have repurposed as an open closet), she hauled in some pillows and set herself up on a storage bin, as I worked like mad to catch up on some critical projects, knowing at any moment she'd be climbing the cabinets or swimming in the dog's bowl again or begging me to come play with her.

But she didn't, she spent the afternoon making up drawings and stories and singing to herself and letting her imagination run wild in the fort she had made and reminded me that all too soon she's not going to need me every second of the day anymore, I am grateful for this time.