Equipment for Sale | Madison WI Photographer

Time to offload some of my well loved equipment to make room in my bags and give it a second life in the hand of someone new! I've broken the list of items for sale into three categories: 

- Canon 70-200 f/4 | $475
Speedlites & Flash Accessories
- Neweer TT860 | $65
  - Canon 580EX | $100
  - Canon 580EXIIs (3) | $75-100
  - Yongnuo YN622C Wireless Triggers | $25
  - Rogue Flashbender (XL) | $15
  - JCC Power Pack for Canon Speedlite | $15
  - 86" Parabolic Light Modifier (Paul C Buff) | $30
  - Epiphanie "Madison" Bag | $75
  - ShootSac | $40

How to Buy: The "order" form is at the bottom of this page. Please make sure to list your item #s, as there are multiples and varying conditions of some items. I'll respond to form submissions in the order I receive them. 

Payment: Prices negotiable if purchasing more than one item (unless otherwise noted). Cash or Credit Card (via square invoice)
Shipping: Madison area pick-up preferred. Shipping available by quote only, shipping charges will be actual cost + insurance (for all items over $50). US only. 

Disclaimer: All equipment listed here has at some point been part of my primary equipment kit. As full time photographer providing coverage for lots of fast paced live events and field work it's typical that there are cosmetic flaws. I have done my best to make sure that all equipment listed here is in working order regardless of how it looks, and any functional flaws I'm aware of are listed with the item description. My prices have been set below market value accordingly. Items sell "as is", I will not provide a warranty for any used items. 


Item #1: Canon 70-200 f/4L NON-IS
Condition: Very Good
Details: I've loved this lens since I bought it from Canon in 2011, it's sharp images and light weight makes it a winner for outdoor weddings & portraits, and sports photography. There are very few cosmetic flaws, with a couple of specs of dust inside the lens (doesn't affect use), some very small dings on the outside of the filter ring (doesn't affect filter use), some rubbed off letters, and a few flecks missing from the white finish. No hood, it was lost on a shoot. 
Includes: Lens, front and rear caps
Price: $475 (firm)

Speedlites & Flash Accessories

Item #2: Neewer TT860 for Canon flash unit
Condition: New
Details: I purchased this as a backup a few months before I switched to the Canon RT system. I used it one time and then reboxed it. Manual and TTL flash capabilities, HSS, 1.5 Sec recycle, and 650 Full Power flashes on one Li-Ion battery before you need to charge it again. 
Includes: Flash, Mini Stand, Soft Case, Battery, Charger, Original Box and Instructions.
Price:  $65

Item #3: Canon 580 EX (Original Version)
Condition: Used, Good
Details: All flash functions work as normal. Manual & TTL, Master/slave, High speed sync, and zoom. Body has a few scrapes. Flash lens in good condition. Has white bounce card and pop-out diffuser. Twist-lock on foot. Battery door has an older hinge design that sticks sometimes, but doesn't affect use. 
Includes: Flash, soft case.
Price: $100

Item #4: Canon 580EXII
Condition: Very Used, Ugly but fully functional
Details: All flash functions work as normal. Manual & TTL, Master/slave, High speed sync, and zoom. Body has been roughed up, many scratches and velcro marks on three sides. Rubber weatherproofing on foot missing, rubber sync port cover missing, white bounce card missing. pop-out diffuser intact and functional. Heat marks on flash lens. 
Includes: Flash, soft case. 
Price: $75

Item #5: Canon 580EXII
Condition: Used, Good
Details: All flash functions work as normal. Manual & TTL, Master/slave, High speed sync, and zoom. Body has some scuffs. Battery door doesn't sit flush on lower left corner, does not affect use. Small scuff on LCD, doesn't affect use. Flash lens in good condition. White bounce card and pop-out diffuser functional. Has rubber weatherproofing on foot. Has all port covers. 
Includes: Flash, Soft Case, Mini Stand
Price: $100

Item #6: Canon 580EXII
Condition: Used, Acceptable
Details: All flash functions work as normal. Manual & TTL, Master/slave, High speed sync, and zoom. Body has few scuffs. Finicky on/off switch, sometimes needs to be toggled a few times, will probably need an eventual repair. Missing sync port cover. Flash lens in good condition. White bounce card and pop-out diffuser functional. Rubber weatherproofing on foot intact. 
Includes: Flash, soft case, mini foot, original box
Price: $75

Item #7: Yongnuo YN622c for Canon Transmitter(1) and Transceivers (3)
Condition: Used, Good
Details: Remote trigger and remote adjust Canon flashes. Also works with third party flashes for canon. TTL and Manual capabilities. 3 channels, 3 groups. Easy to read LCD and indicator lights. Each unit takes 2 AAs. One transceiver has a cracked twist-lock from over tightening, not a problem if you use a mini stand or s-bracket. 
Includes: 1 Transmitter, 3 Transceivers, Original Boxes and Instructions
Price: $25

Item #8: Rogue Flashbender (XL)
Condition: Like New
Details: Bounce and shape light with the large reflective surface and three bendable support arms . Elastic and adjustable fasteners allow the Flashbender to fit on any external flash unit. Velcro allows you to turn it from a bounce into a snoot. 
Includes: Flashbender
Price: $15

Item #9: JCC Battery Pack for Canon
Condition: Like New
Details: Takes 8 AAs. Increases shooting time between batter changes and faster recycle times. Can be used with 580EX or 580EXII units. Can be attached to your belt or the bottom of your camera for on-camera use, or use the velcro strap to attach it to a light stand for an OCF boost.
Includes: Battery Pack, case  
Price: $10

Item #10: Paul C Buff 86" White PLM
Condition: Used, Very Good
Details: The ultimate umbrella modifier. Fits standard umbrella brackets and can be used with a speedlite or aPaul C Buff flash unit. No front of back cover included. (Manufacturer image below, no flash or stand included). 
Includes: Umbrella style PLM
Price: $30


Item #11: Epiphanie "Madison" Convertible Bag
Condition: Like New
Details: Discontinued style. Really pretty bag. Has 9 exterior pockets for odds & ends, personal items, tablets, notebooks, etc. 2 tall dividers and 2 short dividers for the main interior pocket, laptop sleeve/divider, and a zippered interior pocket. The straps can be used 3 ways: Purse, Messenger Bag, & Backpack. Cute buckle details and camera charm. 
Price: $75

Item #12: ShootSac
Condition: Used, Good
Details: Original ShootSac. A few scuffs on the neoprene material, the white finish has rubbed off the snaps on the back (not visible when wearing), and there's some peeling of the finished edge along the top where the lenses get pulled in and out (typical with regular use). Removable velcro cover. Three big pockets for lenses (frequently used with my 24-70, 70-200, & 100) as well as three back pockets with snap closures for other items (batteries, memory cards, wallet, keys, etc). Has a minor stitching defect from the factory that doesn't effect use. 
Price: $40

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Beautiful Spring Wedding at The Chapel of the Archangels | Beaver Dam WI Wedding Photographer

Angela & Jason's Earth Day wedding at the Chapel of the Archangels in Beaver Dam had a thoughtful, modern vibe in a beautiful old restored church setting. The beautiful details where completely outshined by the connection they had with each other and their loved ones, and the laughter was contageous all day long.  

At the end of the night we had blast creating some artistic photos of the bridesmaids playing poker (you know, like you do at the end of your best friend's wedding), and took a few minutes to step outside for a night shot with the couple. 

Hands down a fantastic start to my wedding season <3

Engagement: Leah & Justin

From our first meeting I knew Leah, Justin and I were going to get on famously. We spent 4 hours at that first meeting talking about mutual love of gardens, geekiness, this awesome city of Madison, and adorable cat antics. It could have easily gone on longer. 

And the engagement session? Was every bit as much fun. We visited the beautiful UW Arboretum last week on the perfect spring night, and took a beautiful walk together. These two radiate joy and love, for each other but also for everything around them. I'm so excited for their wedding day next month!

Home Office Problems | Madison WI Children's Photographer

Having a home office and a toddler is a challenge most days. I usually save my editing for late at night when both kids are in bed and I can focus at the task in hand, my daytime hours usually bounce between trying to answer emails, catch up on bookkeeping, and prep for my next shoot, all while making sure my daughter isn't tearing apart one room or another(spoiler alert: she always is).

Some days I feel like a crazy person for trying to pull this off, she doesn't let me get anything done and by the evening I'm too wiped to pull up my desk chair and start working again. Last week, as I collected ALL of my pens from the basement, I had a particularly lovely fantasy about working in a real office where no one throws your pens down the laundry chute while yelling "WHEEEEEEEE". 

Then again there are days like today when she made a coloring nook in the dormer window (a space in our tiny cape cod that we have repurposed as an open closet), she hauled in some pillows and set herself up on a storage bin, as I worked like mad to catch up on some critical projects, knowing at any moment she'd be climbing the cabinets or swimming in the dog's bowl again or begging me to come play with her.

But she didn't, she spent the afternoon making up drawings and stories and singing to herself and letting her imagination run wild in the fort she had made and reminded me that all too soon she's not going to need me every second of the day anymore, I am grateful for this time. 

Rustic Winter Wedding at the Barn at Harvest Moon Pond

The weeks leading up to this January wedding at the Barn at Harvest Moon Pond in Poynette WI had been unseasonably warm, and then Saturday came and the windchill was -15. While the wind was howling outside, inside the barn was brimming with warmth and a lot of love.

Many of the more intimate venues in the Madison area don't have space for getting ready as well as both the ceremony and the reception, which is important for winter weddings. At Harvest Moon Pond the old hay loft of this barn has been converted to hold ceremonies, and two ready rooms downstairs for getting ready when the weather doesn't play nice.

And there are cool spaces inside the barn that make for beautiful portraits as well.

But we also braved the frigid temps and stepped out for the sunset, between the sun's warm glow and the sweet love that Russ & Tiff have for each other, you'd never believe it was -15 degrees outside!

All around, a beautiful wedding at a stunning location, with one of the loveliest (and toughest!) couples I've ever had the pleasure to work with.